Adam and Eve 5 Part 2 Game

Adam and Eve 5 Part 2 Adam and Eve 5 Part 2 Game is the second part of Adam and Eve 5 Game. The goal is to help the game character Adam to continue his journey and find true love. Each level features challenges and logic puzzles. Can Adam finally meet the beautiful Eve?

Last time, Adam did not get to the finish and the story ended in the best when he did not know how to get through the rhino. So now he’s back with your help so you can handle it together. If Adam does not find Eve and does not apologize her, then hell will happen on the Earth, literally. Trust us. Pass some fun puzzles, solve the barricades and open the doors. Be fearless and get this time to the end. Can you find Eve? What will happen? You will find out when you solve all the puzzles in the logic game Adam and Eve 5: Part 2.

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