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Color Balls

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Color BallsColor Balls is an innovative game that combines the gameplay of Flappy Birds with the puzzle mechanics of Color Switch. Also known as Flappy Collor Switch, in this game, you must lead the ball to the line with the same color. There is a chance that the ball will change color after each passed line. Control the ball using tap mechanic similar to flappy birds and make sure you won’t hit the edges or the other colors! How many lines will you be able to pass in one go?

Have you ever wondered what Flappy Birds and Color Switch would look like if you combine them? Then check Check Out color balls and play two games at once! Tap the ball to keep it mid-air and switch color every time! Pass only to the lines with the same color or you’ll be destroyed! This game can be played on all devices.

Color Balls is a free online puzzle game on Round Games.