Darwinism 2048 Game

Darwinism 2048 Darwinism 2048 is a great puzzle game based around the theory of evolution and the puzzle gameplay of 2048. In this game, your goal is to swipe the matching tiles to create a more superior tile. Combine hundreds of tiles in Darwinism 2048 Game in order to create the most advance tile. In this case, you start of by combining single cell specimen and work your way from fish, amphibian, rodent, and mammal, until you finally reach the final stage of evolution which is the human being.

An alien will oversee your progress and will tell you if you ran out of moves and failed. Will you be able to create a human being? Do you believe in the theory of evolution? Then check out this wonderful puzzle game based on Darwin’s theory – Darwinism 2048! Match two of the same specimen to create a more superior one! Combine them all to ultimately create a human! So enjoy and have fun in playing Darwinism 2048 Game at Round Games.

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