Ghost Wiper Game

Ghost Wiper Ghost Wiper is a 2 player platformer game inspired by the franchise Ghost Buster. In this game, the players will take control of two Ghost-busting Brothers and try to complete all 20 levels. For every level, your goal is to capture all the Ghosts and collect the floating lanterns. The little brother holds the laser that weakens any Ghosts, while the older brother holds the broom or the capture device that attracts and locks the ghosts inside. Help the owner of the huge house by clearing all the ghosts in all 20 levels.
Search, examine, and capture ghosts in this fun platformer game! Help the two Ghostbuster brothers with completing their job in Ghost Wiper! Grab a friend or a brother and play this fun ghost capturing game together!

Ghost Wiper is a free online puzzle game on Round Games.

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