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Polar Opposites

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Polar OppositesPolar Opposites is a nice puzzle game where you take control of a little red magnet with feet. Your goal is to run through a series of obstacles and puzzles as you try to open the door to the next level. Each level has their own challenge from different types of hazards to different ways of opening the door. Will you be able to complete all levels and finish the game? The little red magnet has 3 heart lives that replenishes after every 3 levels.
Play as a walking red magnet and attract and repel metallic objects. Flip switches and press buttons and try to finish all levels in Polar Opposites! Avoid spikes and getting crushed as objects get attracted and be repelled from you! This game is one of the puzzle games at RoundGames.

Polar Opposites is a free online game on Round Games.