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PratfallPratfall is a very tricky 3D puzzle game where you take control of Elmer. Elmer finds himself dressed as a clown, falling through the clouds until he lands on a strange dream world that defies logic. In this Escher-inspired world, he must learn to survive, and decipher the hidden words to find out the real story behind this mysterious scenario he finds himself in. The game features a total of 17 mind-boggling puzzles. Overcome various challenges and put your thinking caps on! Have fun!
Bend your minds and get ready for some tricky puzzles in this amazing 3 dimensional puzzle game! Find the exit without falling in Pratfall! Complete all 17 levels and overcome optical illusions, gravity bending stairs, and logic defying puzzles!

Pratfall is a free online puzzle game on Round Games.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.