Ricochet Kills Siberia Game

Ricochet Kills Siberia Ricochet Kills Siberia is a physics puzzle shooting game with cool ragdoll engine. In this game, your goal is to eliminate all the zombies by using only your 5-shot revolver. The game has a total of 30 levels, and on each level, you will only have 5 bullets to use. Aim wisely and use the metal panels to bounce the bullet and hit multiple targets. Be careful not to hit yourself or it will be an instant game-over. Try to take out all the enemies while using the least amount of bullets that you can to earn the 3-star rating.
The zombies have reached Siberia! Kill the zombies with your trusty revolver and make every bullet count in Ricochet Kills: Siberia! Bounce your bullets from place to place and eliminate all targets.

Ricochet Kills Siberia is a free online puzzle game on Round Games.

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