Super Sweet Candy Game

Super Sweet Candy Super Sweet Candy. Wake up! Unwrap delicious environments and meet the sweetest candies! The Super Sweet Candy is a groundbreaking brain teaser that you have never experienced before. You need to create rows or columns with five (or more ) candies of the same color to crush them. It looks very easy, actually the puzzle will challenge every aspect of your brain in ways that you have never imaged before. Your mission is to match the same color candies for 5 or more in a line to crush. It will challenge you and your brain. Do you want be the first Candy Master who can get the highest-possible scores? Come on, take our challenge. I’m sure you’ll soon begin to like it!

Play Super Sweet Candy Game

How to Play

Click the candy you want to move, then click the place that you want it go. But if other candies were on the moving route, you cannot pass through. Your mission is to move candies to align the same color of candies for 5 or more in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line to crush. Destroy as many candies as you can! The more candies you crush, the more points you will get. Long chain will give you bonus score. When the chessboard is full of candies, the game is over.