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The Electric Shocktopus


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The Electric ShocktopusThe Electric Shocktopus is a fun and addicting platformer video game where you play the role of a tiny octopus. The goal of each level is to simply find a way to the exit while avoiding various traps on the way. There will be three starfishes in each level. Although it is optional, getting the three starfishes means you have mastered the level. And has successfully overcome all the challenges with in. Use various electrical fields to your advantage including magnets and more.

Play the role of a cute little Cephalopod and try to complete all levels in this fun platforming game – The Electric Shocktopus! Switch between electric charges and use it to overcome various obstacles. Play all the levels or create your very own!

The Electric Shocktopus is a free online puzzle game on Round Games.