Voodoo Boom Game

Voodoo Boom Voodoo Boom is a physics puzzle game where your objective is to destroy the voodoo totem on each level with the given bomb. The game features dozens of levels all spread out into 3 different stages. Collect buttons with the bomb or other physics-affected object and try to earn the 3-button rank (equivalent to three stars). Will you be able to help the poor voodoo dolls go back to their home and finish all levels?
The evil voodoo totems have forced the voodoo dolls out from their home. Help the voodoo dolls by killing ever totems in the level in Voodoo Boom! Use explosives and let gravity be on your side! Deliver the voodoo bomb on the side of every totem and detonate!

Voodoo Boom is a free online puzzle game on Round Games.

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