Cerebral Game Stew Game

Cerebral Game Stew Cerebral Game Stew is a random shooter game where your objective on every seed is different, but your goal will remain the same: Collect three stars. In this game, you will need to input a three-digit number (or just input any random ones) into the pot and let the game create a shooting game for you. For each seed, your weapon, your enemies, your looks, and even the gameplay objective will change accordingly. Pick a number and try to clear as many seeds as you can! If you find a difficult seed, then share it with the others!
Want to play a random shooter game that’s different each time you play? Then check out Cerebral Game Stew and have a blast! Select a random number seed, get a three-star, and clear as many seeds as you can!

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Play Cerebral Game Stew Game

Find the instructions inside the game.