Sniper Team 2 Game

Sniper Team 2 Sniper Team 2 is the sequel to the hugely popular Sniper Team and presents a new set of challenges. During each level you take control of a crack elite team of 4 snipers positioned at different points on the map. You must switch between each position to assess the situation and to take out your enemies. Furthermore, each mission in Sniper Team 2 Game will present you with a different objective. You may have to defend a position or take out an important target for example.

The controls are simple: You can switch between your primary and secondary weapon. Zoom with your scope and switch between team members. Each member of your team can take damage so be sure to keep an eye on them all. And switch to team members that are taking damage to eliminate the threats in Sniper Team 2 Game. Watch out for air drops too that sometimes land during a mission. These provide support items to boost your offensive capabilities. You earn additional cash for headshots and you can get a prestige score for completing the mission in a fast time. So can you control your team and become an elite sniper? Find out in this fantastic sniper game Sniper Team 2! Enjoy and have fun.

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