Nickelodeon Power Packed Game

Nickelodeon Power Packed Nickelodeon Power Packed Game let you battle cards with Nickelodeon characters! Make a custom deck, go on an adventure in story mode. Test your battle abilities in free play mode. And complete daily quests! Not only the Harvey Beaks. But also the most incredible and famous characters from the Nickelodeon’s cartoons are addicted in Nickelodeon Power Packed Game.

It’s a card packed game, as all the most powerful creatures from which each player can take up to three per round. These powerful cards are within booster packs that are available from the beginning and then must be won somehow. In Nickelodeon Power Packed Game, you have to complete mysterious missions and solve tasks. Defeat other players and characters for exchangeable points. Mind either the story or simple battles that occur one after another. Testing the abilities and your brain when it comes to using strategy and fantasy at the same time. So enjoy and have fun in playing Nickelodeon Power Packed Game. Good luck.

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