Rage War Time Battles

Game Details

Rage War Time BattlesRage War Time Battles. Interested in Time Travel, Craving for War, Raging for NEW gaming experience? You know you are! And we need you in the ultimate strategy game that transcends through time – Rage War! What makes Rage War a unique game is not just the stunning graphics or real-time battles, it’s much more than that!

In this incredible journey you will be able to explore ancient kingdoms, discover lost civilizations and rewrite history under your conditions. Your mission is to go back in time, establish a powerful army, evolve a mighty kingdom and discover the lost parts of the Time Machine.

You must build a settlement and establish a thriving community. You must first create a stable economy by building resource gathering structures. With these resources you can then build additional structures such as barracks from which you can build troops.

Barbarous enemies and savage armies will be testing your skills at every new age you enter, but that will be just one of your problems. Ambitious players from all around the world will be trying to establish dominance over you at every stage in the game, but you shouldn’t worry as you can count on your friends’ help! Invite your buddies and form a mighty kingdom to fight together against enemies.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.