Harvest Tycoon Game

Harvest Tycoon Harvest Tycoon is a farm simulation, farm building, and resource and time management game. In this game you are in charge to make the farm prosperous and have the largest and farm ever. You have to plant seeds, cultivate them, help them grow, harvest the crops, make money, expand and decorate your land, and so forth. The game also features lots of mini games that will win you items. Take a screenshot of your farm and show them off to your friends! Have fun!
Build your own fruit farm! Plant seeds, let them grow, harvest the fruits, and make a profit! Expand your farm and become prosperous in Harvest Tycoon! Click on the tilled land to plant some crops and wait for a couple of seconds for them to grow! Keep on clicking and keep on expanding!

Harvest Tycoon is a free online time management game on Round Games.

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