Ben 10 Alien Rush Game

Ben 10 Alien RushBen 10 Alien Rush is a vertical scrolling shooter game based on the popular Cartoon Network animated TV series Ben 10. In this game, you will take control of young Ben Tennyson and transform into a powerful alien like Heatblast, Overflow, or Stinkfly and complete the level by shooting the bad guys you come across and survive the rush. Collect as many Omnitrix tokens as you can and keep an eye for green orbs that will replenish a part of your health. Earth is in trouble once again and it’s up to the kid to use the Omnitrix and save the world! Transform into a powerful alien in Ben 10 Alien Rush! Shoot down the alien bad guys, collect Ominitrix tokens and survive the rush!

Play Ben 10 Alien Rush Game

Find the instructions inside the game.