Ben 10 Vilgax Takedown Game

Ben 10 Vilgax Takedown Ben 10 Vilgax Takedown is an action platformer and shooting game where your goal is to eliminate all hostiles in every level as quickly as possible and chase down the evil alien Vilgax. The game is based on the last episode of the animated TV series Ben 10 Alien Force when Vilgax’s ship was about to crash into the Earth. Help Ben 10 capture Vilgax before it’s too late! Remember, that one hit from the alien lasers and your will be out of commission! Vilgax’s alien ship is about to crash into the Earth! Take down the evil alien menace before he escapes in Ben 10 Vilgax Takedown! Will you be able to catch and capture the alien mastermind? Or will you let him escape?

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