Feathered Chase Game

Feathered Chase Feathered Chase is a running video game based on an animated television series of Cartoon Network Channel. In the game, you will take control of a Grizzly, a Panda, and a Polar bear that are all chasing a pigeon that carried their backpack. A flock of pigeons will get in your way to stop you while you chase down the thief. Avoid getting hit by the pigeons and jump over the bird droppings. Defeat the birds by capturing a photo of them and reporting them to the authority. Try to get pictures as many as you can and capture the thief pigeon before it gets away. Chase down a flying feathered thief in the sidewalks of New York City in Feathered Chase – We Bare Bears! Help these three cuddly bears in retrieving back their stolen backpack from pesky pigeons!

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