Green Goblin Havoc Game

Green Goblin HavocSpider Man: Green Goblin Havoc is an HTML5 game where your take control of our spider superhero and your goal is to avoid Green Goblin’s green tech spheres from hitting you by moving around on the 6 corners areas of the screen. There will be a green target sign for the targeted area, this sign will turn to red when Goblin’s attack is very near. This will be your indication on which area to avoid. Collect Spiderman icons to replenish your health and try to survive for the whole duration of two minutes. Good luck and have fun in this short game! Survive Green Goblin’s relentless attacks for two whole minutes! Help Spiderman defeat the green flying menace in Spider Man: Green Goblin Havoc Game! Dodge the pumpkin bombs and jump between balls to avoid Green Goblin’s attacks. So enjoy and have fun.

Play Green Goblin Havoc Game

Find the instructions inside the game.