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Jumphobia 2

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Jumphobia 2Jumphobia 2. The ultimate auto-jump puzzle platforming challenge is back with 30 brand new levels. Jumphobia is unique that it doesn’t have a jump button. instead you automatically jump when you run off a ledge! You are going to need both skill and intelligence if you hope to beat this game!

Jumphobia 2 is sequel to JumpPhobia with new levels and new mechanics to avoid just as monsters, spikes, buzzsaws, swinging maces, crumble blocks, springs, balloons, gravity flip arrows, fans, ice and bombs to look out for. The fun doesn’t stop there – create your very own levels using the built in level maker and share them with the world! You can play other people’s levels and rate them. Every level in this pack has been selected from player-submitted levels. Maybe your level will make it into Player’s Pack 2!

Jumphobia 2 is a free online action game on Round Games.