Revenge of the Triceratops Game

Revenge of the Triceratops Revenge of the Triceratops is a cool sci-fi survival game in which you take control of a rampaging triceratops in the Jurassic Period! The Triceratops are annoyed, and it wants to take revenge on the other dinosaurs. Help a Triceratops survive the onslaught of triceratops from the Jurassic Period. But you might wonder how can a herbivore defend against hordes of triceratops?

Did we mention that your triceratops is equipped with a laser cannon? You must move around the map and mow down the dinosaurs with your cannon. As you progress, you can unlock new and improved weapons to help you dish out more damage. How long can you last? What high score can you register in this amazing survival game? So enjoy and have fun in playing Revenge of the Triceratops Game. Good luck.

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