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Robot Hero City Simulator

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Robot Hero City SimulatorRobot Hero City Simulator, it is a simulation action game in which robot starts new life in big city. Finish crazy missions and have fun!

Different types of weapons.
The police and the military will pursue the player.
Make a mess. Break cars. Destroy the blocky city. Attack people
Fire a bazooka.
Fly over the blocky city with a jet pack
Robot Hero City Simulator Game has crazy missions.
Huge blocky city to explore
Character customization.
Destructible objects.
Cool 3D low poly graphics.
Upgrade your robot.
Get a combo when destroying several objects. The more destruction, the more points!
Get free rewards every hour
Collect the coins, they will be useful to you,
Day and night missions.

Enjoy and have fun in playing Robot Hero City Simulator Game on Round Games.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.