Stba.ioEnter the online battlefield of Game as you battle with real players from all over the world. Work together to destroy the enemy Command Center before the enemy destroys yours! Choose from many different aircraft and help your team win the online death match battle. game will allows you to engage in high-tech multiplayer warfare against hundreds of other players online. You play as either the blue or red team and you must defend your base whilst venturing out into the open to face your enemies in combat and attempt to destroy their base too.

Before you start fighting, you can choose from a range of different warships such as a roller, a javelin, a silencer and a manta. Each unit has different statistics and weaponry. As you destroy enemy units you gain xp and level up. As you level up you can purchase new and improved units and upgrades. Each unit has a standard attack and a special ability. Ensure that you use both to help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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Find the instructions inside the game.