Trampoline Stickman

Game Details

Trampoline StickmanTrampoline Stickman is a fun arcade game in which you must help stickman perform awesome flips on his very own trampoline! Use the left and right arrow keys to perform front and back-flips and to gain extra height. For each successful flip you land, you gain a score, and your stickman also jumps higher!

Each jump you perform is rated out of 5 stars – you gain higher star ratings for landing your jump perfectly. As you progress you will jump higher and higher and have a chance to perform more flips per jump. With greater height however comes less control and you find it difficult to land properly! What high score can you register? So can you show off your awesome trampoline skills? Enjoy and have fun in playing Trampoline Stickman Game.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.