City Rider 3D Game

City Rider 3DCity Rider 3D is a fun and open-world driving game in which you can explore a huge 3D city in a vehicle of your choice! If you enjoy driving and exploration, you will simply love this game! You can choose from some cool cars including a pick up truck, a lorry, and even an awesome McLaren sports car! Each car drives and handles differently so why not have a go with them all!

Hop into your chosen vehicle and start driving. The city is yours to explore and you will not experience any traffic or obstacles. Drive as you see fit, practice some cool manoeuvres and drifts and accelerate as hard as you can. There are no speed cameras here! If you want a more personalized driving experience, you can always customize the handling of your vehicle! So buckle up your seat-belt today and start racing in City Rider 3D Game!

Play City Rider 3D Game

Find the instructions inside the game.