Stunt Racers Extreme Game

Stunt Racers ExtremeStunt Racers Extreme Game is a cool car game where you drive around the map performing cool stunts and tricks. Collect golden coins around the maps and use it to upgrade your car. While roaming the playing, make sure you always collect money. And spent them on upgrades for your car or buy a new one. With some of the best graphics and the camera angle changes will give extra feeling to the game making you play it longer and longer. With no damage input to your car you are free to do what ever you want no limits. After collection a lot of money you can check the garage and see the other cars power, handling and speed. So go and find the car that will feat your play stile and have fun drifting, racing and jumping in high speed over ramps in Stunt Racers Extreme Game.

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Play Stunt Racers Extreme Game

Find the instructions inside the game.