Game Details Game is an amazing first person shooter with epic battle royale gameplay. In this game, you are playing against a small number of players from around the world. This is not battle royale on a big scale, so the competition is even fiercer. There are just 8 people will be fighting against each other. It’s a pretty quick game, so you need to focus. You enter the map with nothing at all and must rush to find weapons and equipment.

At the beginning, pick a place and then jump. After that, you need to find a weapon as soon as you can, since otherwise you won’t stand a chance against other players. You can pick up adrenaline shots during your gameplay, which can help you when you get injured. Since it’s a battle royale game, the rules are simple. So kill everyone else and stay alive for the longest time possible in Game. Enjoy and have fun.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.