Space Merchants Arena Game

Space Merchants ArenaSpace Merchants Arena is a cool fighting game in which you are part of a military space company that is tasked with protecting your precious mining facility. Before each battle, you can choose your ship and change its load-out with different weapons. You can also customize your ships appearance and give it different paint jobs. As you progress, you can unlock new and improved ships and weapons.

The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is smooth and exciting. Control your ship in 3D and use quick maneuvers to out flank your opponents and strike them down with torpedoes. Aside from the awesome PvP mode, you can hone your skills against training bots and improve your shooting and piloting. The more you play, the stronger you will become, you can also gain achievements and different call signs. Will you defend your mining facility and reign as the supreme space merchant pilot in Space Merchants Arena Game?

Play Space Merchants Arena Game

Find the instructions inside the game.