Anniversary Surprise Game

Anniversary Surprise Anniversary Surprise. There are people that don’t pay attention to any kind of anniversary but on other hand there are people that remember the exact date of every important thing in their life and celebrate every anniversary. Usually people mark relationship or marriage anniversaries and on that they some even organize a party and give presents to each other. And when it comes about presents, buying some practical present could be an easier thing but the character in our game likes to buy some piece of jewelry for his wife but he simply cant decide what to choose.

After he does that, he likes to surprise her, maybe take her on a nice dinner or something like that. And there are no surprises when it comes about the instructions for playing since they are quite easy. You observe the scene and once you spot some of the wanted items, you point at the item using the mouse cursor and you click on it with the left mouse button, in order to select it. Now don’t waste your time, lets help this fellow make the excellent anniversary surprise.

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