Arctic Village Game

Arctic VillageArctic Village Game: Laura and her friend Brenda agree to spend this winter together in the newly opened Arctic village. It offers a series of attractions and things that cannot be found elsewhere. Those two love winter vacation and winter sports, so winter is something they hardly wait to come. And today, it is finally the day the two friends have been waiting for so long. Laura, together with her best friend Brenda, arrives in the newly created arctic village. It is about a complex with small igloo houses, built according to the principle of authentic iglos, which offer a unique experience for winter tourism.

In addition to the interesting accommodation, Laura loves to ski, so she can’t wait to hit the ski trails. However, this will be your first skiing this winter. So you must prepare well beforehand and ensure that every part of your equipment is here. Let’s look at Laura’s equipment and make sure she doesn’t forget anything because the safety of the terrain is especially important for everyone, even the best skiers. You can play Arctic Village Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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