Carnival of Shadows Game

Carnival of ShadowsCarnival of Shadows Game: Wow, how good it is to work in a circus, especially for those who like to travel and discover new worlds, but at the same time are impeccably disciplined and open to mastering all kinds of skills. Yes, there is no slack in the circus. There, any carelessness can cost us a lot, both when it comes to acrobatics, and when it comes to performing various points with animals, etc. The situation that we will look at in the Carnival of Shadows game worries the employees of the traveling circus. No, this is not about anyone’s carelessness, but something completely different.

In Carnival of Shadows Game: Karen, John, and Linda are employed in the circus. Last night, they had the same dream that really surprised them but also scared them. Namely, all three dreamed that there was a ghost walking in their circus who wanted to harm the circus. The friends want to find answers to what happened there and are determined to confront the specter. Just tonight, they want to face the ghost of their dreams and drive him out of their circus. Let’s see what happens. You can play Carnival of Shadows Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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