City Park Game

City ParkCity Park Game: Steven, Sandra, and Donald moved to the big city a few days ago. They lived in a small town where life was nice. But they moved here to this town to continue their studies. It is one of the advantages of big cities – universities and various research centers are usually located there. And one of the reasons for migration is precisely the education and opportunities that big cities offer. Today in City Park Game, the new students have a day off. They are not in college, and since they are new to the big city and don’t know it at all, they decided to dedicate the day to getting to know the new environment.

Their first destination is the city park, and they are fascinated by its beauty. They immediately start walking and exploring because, in every corner of the park, there is some interesting corner. Something that must be seen and known. Steven, Sandra, and Donald are very happy with their first big walk around the big city. But let’s also take a nice tour around the park and see what fascinated our new arrivals the most. You can play City Park Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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