Destination Mystery Game

Destination MysteryDestination Mystery Game: Sometimes, an ordinary trip can turn into trouble. Even when we thought everything was going to be spontaneous and in the best order. That’s what Nancy and Daniel thought when they left their homes this morning and took a train trip out of their town. They often take the train, know the whole routine, and love to travel. But this morning, they got on the wrong train, a train that took them in a different direction.

Now in Destination Mystery Game: They are in a completely unknown place. Nothing like the place where they were supposed to arrive. And they cannot go back just like that. They need to find out exactly where they are and find certain objects needed to get back and board the right train. Let’s see what Nancy and Daniel’s situation is like and help them manage it. Our help will certainly be welcome, and maybe this mistaken trip will turn into one of the most beautiful trips of their life. Or at least one of the most interesting. You can play Destination Mystery Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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