Down by the Lake Game

Down by the Lake Down by the Lake. The pleasant life of calmness and peacefulness that the nature brings to a human. Has been a trigger for Carol and Brian to start their own business as farmers. So, they took their passion and love for the nature. As their driving force and created a successful farm. Where they have been producing different kinds of fruits and vegetables for many years now.

Recently, they have decided to search for a new location where they would be able to spread their business and begin a new farm. A deserted ranch with a lake nearby has caught their eye and they both felt that this place may be the right choice. Both of them are eager to explore this new attractive location. And are looking forward to discovering the different opportunities and wonders it has to offer.

They are happy to introduce our player as their fellow companion in this exciting exploration. With a promise to enrich his experience with details of their everyday lives as farmers amazed by the miracles of nature.

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