Elsa’s Cuisine Game

Elsa's Cuisine Elsa’s Cuisine. Unfortunately, we have less and less time and occasions to be more often together and cook at home, but you can allow yourself some nice dinner in your favorite restaurant with your favorite persons. Food unites people, doesn’t eat? It is maybe the best occasion when people gather together, have a good wine and chat about different trivia things. Every chef has his/her own way of finding his/hers collaborators, the ones that should be in his majesty, the cuisine.

It is the same story with Elsa who is the owner of the restaurant ‘Elsa’s Cuisine’. The restaurant has been launched one year ago and it already has huge number of regular customers that are very satisfied with Elsa’s recipes. She decided that due to that she needs an assistant in the restaurant, so she put an ad in which she is looking for a dedicated employee with enormous love for cooking. Our player has the role of candidate that showed on the employment concurs. Elsa has prepared few tasks that our player will have to fulfill at the best possible way, if he wants to become her assistant.

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