Fantasy Chronicles Game

Fantasy ChroniclesFantasy Chronicles Game: Traveling through time is something that people are asking for, but is it possible? We all know that this is not something that is carried out regularly. But maybe someone knows more about this topic than us… maybe it is still kept a secret. Diane, together with her professor Tyler, has been working for a long time on studying the possibility of time travel. They are studying all the possible ways how it can be done. In Fantasy Chronicles Game: During the last years, Diane and the professor experimented with different time portals. And one of those portals proved to be successful. They discover a hole through time or, as some would call it, a jackhole that can take them to another place and time.

At the moment in Fantasy Chronicles Game: Diane and Professor Tyler find themselves in Wonderland, a land that is very similar to the famous novel about Alice. She starts to wonder if the stories about Alice are fiction. Or maybe those things happened. She wonders if the visit will be a trip through time. Or maybe she is traveling to places she has read about in books or seen in movies. As it is, this will be one extraordinary adventure! Let’s join this fantastic journey. You can play Fantasy Chronicles Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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