Galactic Adventure Game

Galactic AdventureGalactic Adventure Game: Megan is facing a new challenge in her life, a challenge that only a few of us have a chance to face. Namely, she is the new explorer of the planet Zion! Yes, it is a new and under-explored planet, and Megan has exactly that privilege, to be part of the team that will come to the first knowledge about this planet and to be part of an unrepeatable galactic adventure. The previous researcher who was in Megan’s place completed his 5-month mission. And now Megan takes his place and continues the research.

He knew his job very well and decided to present his work to Megan in an interesting way. He left several puzzles and riddles for her to solve before starting work. Through these puzzles in Galactic Adventure Game, Megan will get to know her new job better, including the tasks that await her. Let’s be part of this galactic adventure and explore the planet Zion, together with Megan. It will be something new for us, and therefore, it is worth sailing into something unknown and very interesting. Let the galactic journey begin! You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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