Garage Treasure Game

Garage TreasureGarage Treasure Game: Garage sale is one of the best options for one to buy something that he looks for but simply doesn’t want to spend too much money on. Actually when something is cheaper, no matter if it is already used by someone. You would like to buy it and think of it as something that you might need one day. It is no shame to buy second hand things, actually sometimes it is more than needed. After the garage sale positive experience in front of people’s houses. There are shopping malls that use this term to attract more customers and they put all the articles on sale.

Kevin and Amanda have arrived to a very interesting garage sale. This house organizes garage sale for the first time and the objects that she has offered for a sale are actually a real small treasure. Kevin and Amanda want to buy as much as possible objects in short time, while the other customers haven’t arrived yet. But, the objects have been hidden so he needs a help to find them. Be kind and help Kevin and Amanda find the important objects and be happy! Enjoy and have fun in playing Garage Treasure Game.

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Play Garage Treasure Game

Find the instructions inside the game.