History Repeating Game

History Repeating History Repeating. Earthquakes can make awful catastrophes and take human lives away. Since the Earth and humankind exist, they are around us. People usually know what are the terrains and areas where the movement of the ground happens, and so, they are usually prepared to evacuate and mobilize, as soon as possible. Human destinies happen and countries whole nations remember some dates and try never to forget, praying that they won’t happen, never again.

In today’s game we are situated in a small town where a big earthquake happened. Some would say that that is a natural catastrophe, but that is not our hero David’s opinion. He discovers weird things connected to this terrible earthquake. Exactly 50 years ago on the same date, another even bigger earthquake happened in his town. It had victims and very big material damage. It took a long time for the town to get back its new face again.But, unfortunately, It seems that history is repeating.

David finds out secret plan about an underground town which is a capital project of his government in case of the Third World War, and that’s why his town is very often exposed on earthquakes. He decides to stop this and to share this information with the public.

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