Time Discovers Truth Game

Time Discovers TruthTime Discovers Truth Game: The police work on numerous criminal cases. Most of the time they manage to solve those cases. But still, some cases stay open for many years, some, unfortunately, even forever. 20 years ago, the detectives Cynthia and Eric, together with their colleagues, worked on a case about a missing person. That person in Time Discovers Truth Game was a 30 years old man, named Garry, who was missing and never was found. In those cases, there is always a doubt if the person is still alive or not. There is no body, there is no evidence. So no one could confirm if the person is dead or is hidden somewhere.

Unfortunately, in Gary’s case, things didn’t end up good. The body of this young man who was reported missing was found after 20 years. The detectives in Time Discovers Truth Game suspect that it is about a murder and the person who killed Gary, kept the body hidden, intending to hide the actual murder. But no matter how much time has passed, it seems that, eventually, the time will reveal the truth. Now it’s again up to our detectives to search all the pieces of evidence and finally close this case. You can play Time Discovers Truth on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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