Hotel Professionals Game

Hotel ProfessionalsHotel Professionals Game: Donald is a chief on reception in the renovated hotel Westin. Some people consider that this job is boring or easy. But they don’t realize that it is a very responsible job. They take care of the accommodation of the people, take care for the payment, for the documents of the people that stay there, for the keys of all rooms and so on. They have to be always aware of many factors so everything could function in right order and the hotel to work properly. It is high season and the hotel is quite full at the moment. There are many visitors that spend few days there, some of them for a holiday, some for work…

In Hotel Professionals Game: This morning a six-member family has left the hotel. They left the hotel and they already arrived at the national airport. However, at the last moment they realized that they have lost their passports. They assume that the passports are lost in the hotel so they have to do something right away. In Hotel Professionals Game: Donald has received a call from the worried family, asking if he could find the documents. He knows that he has the responsibility about them, even though they are already out of the hotel, so he promises them that he will do everything he can in order to find their documents. Donald really likes to help those people so he starts looking for the passports right away. Finally enjoy playing Hotel Professionals Game.

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