In Deep Snow Game

In Deep SnowIn Deep Snow Game: When planning a vacation, no matter if it is a winter or a summer vacation, we usually think about the good things, right? We think about where we will go, and what we will do. Usually, we are cautious about possible obstacles that can get in our way, someone getting sick, taking the wrong way somewhere, and so on. But we still put those things in the second line, comforting ourselves that it won’t happen to us. In Deep Snow Game: James and Elisabeth are a couple who decided to spend their winter vacation in a cozy cabin in the mountains.

When they were selecting the place where they will stay, they didn’t even imagine that things can go wrong. The location was that good and the place was that nice. They didn’t even guess that they can be disturbed by something that comes from outside. Everything went well on their first day, but the next morning disaster struck! Everything surrounding their cabin was covered in snow. They have to pack everything up quickly and return home before it gets even worse. You can play In Deep Snow game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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