Legend of the Ancient Village Game

Legend of the Ancient VillageLegend of the Ancient Village Game: If we compare Japan and America, the cultural differences are really huge. They have a completely different history, even if we talk about certain patterns in history. Their philosophy of life is also based on different principles. But in some cases, these two different sides can merge. For example, young Amelia was born and lives in America, but as a child she enjoyed the stories her grandfather told her about his native village in Japan. Amelia’s origins are precisely from Japan, but she has never been there before.

In addition to the many stories that she has heard from her grandfather, Amelia remembers well, a legend about a hidden treasure, somewhere in the village from where she originates. She always wanted to learn something more about her roots and this village, so that chance finally came true in Legend of the Ancient Village Game. Amelia arrives in the small Japanese village and is ready to discover the truth about that legend. Let’s find out more about the legend and see what happens when American and Japanese roots intertwine. You can play Legend of the Ancient Village Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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