Mysterious Flight Game

Mysterious FlightMysterious Flight Game: Aircraft hijacking is the term used to describe the illegal seizure of an aircraft, done by an individual or a group. This definitely sounds hard to achieve. But some people, known as a hijacker, feel that it is right to force the pilot to fly according to their demands. Hijackers intend to use passengers or crew as hostages, either for money or for some political or administrative concession by authorities. And only in rare cases, they are flying the aircraft themselves and used them in suicide attacks.

The case of this mysterious flight is something similar to this. But the real story is still not known. Also, the motives are still unknown, so let’s see what actually happened. Namely in Mysterious Flight Game, Barbara is the chief flight attendant of the flight 156. This flight was forcibly landed at Utah airport. Barbara reported that there were few suspicious travelers who planned kidnaping the plane. Detective David, together with his team, arrives at the Utah airport, with an intention to explore the case. The authorities might need our help, so let’s see what is happening on this flight. You can play Mysterious Flight game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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