Mysterious Guidance Game

Mysterious GuidanceMysterious Guidance Game: Are you a person who always wants to discover new things or do you prefer to play it safe? For some people, it is simply unimaginable to go to places that are new and offer unpredictable things. For example, they would never go to the wilderness, they would never go on vacation alone, or even to a coffee shop, they would never want to go to a desert, a high mountain, or even a rain forest. The very thought of being in such a place horrifies them and fills them with fear. And there are people who are the complete opposite of this, like our three mystery hunters.

The trio of friends Amanda, Jason and Margaret are our current characters in Mysterious Guidance Game. They are mystery hunters and want to solve the mystery of the abandoned lighthouse. There is talk about a lighthouse that, although abandoned, still sends out light and guides ships in the dark hours. So far, maybe nothing bad happened to the lighthouse, but the people were surprised by this mysterious phenomenon. Let’s help the three friends to solve this mystery. You can play Mysterious Guidance Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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