Our First Garage Sale Game

Our First Garage Sale Our First Garage Sale Game: After their wedding last year, Sara and John moved to a house on the biggest street in the suburbs. They have a lot of items and their house is small and they still can’t afford a bigger one. So they decided to get rid of old clothing, books, toys, household decorations and board games and some home appliances. The young couple decided that this weekend will be perfect for their first garage sale. Instead of giving away or throwing away miscellaneous items. This season they will sell them and use the money to buy new items for their new home.

It’s Saturday and the weather is good. Sara and John placed the items in the yard this morning for the sale and they are hoping for some ‘early birds’. It’s almost afternoon and no one is arriving. Wait! The first buyers are here in their Garage Sale. Sara and John start to bargain. This is a routine because items may or may not have price labels affixed. Some of the people even buy their goods to restore them for resale. It’s finally starting to go well and Sara secretly sends a smile to John. Enjoy and have fun in playing Our First Garage Sale Game.

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Play Our First Garage Sale Game