Saving the Library Game

Saving the LibrarySaving the Library Game: Unfortunately, there are so many people that believe that the time of reading books is far behind us. For them, reading a book in the park or visiting the libraries is something old-fashioned and even ridiculous because modern people have so many other ‘modern’ activities and they simply don’t have time for something like that. However, those people seem to forget that reading is the basis for evolution. People have read to learn new things and invented newer things, based on their knowledge. And when we say ‘reading,’ we don’t think about scrolling through the headlines and getting just poor information about something. It is about getting enough knowledge to become an expert in certain field.

In Saving the Library Game: Virginia and Kevin are the leaders of the group of people who try to save the old library in the town. The fact is that with the use of computers, people in their town don’t read books anymore. The major of their town has realized that so he wants to close the library. Virginia, Kevin, and all the other people, have organized a sale, in order to earn money. They would like to renovate the library, increase the marketing, and encourage people to read again. You can play Saving the Library Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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Play Saving the Library Game

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