Scary Hotel Game

Scary Hotel Scary Hotel Game: Henry, Ryan and Anna is the family that lives at the end of the city, in a small and scary house. Actually let’s be honest. There isn’t anything scary about this house it’s just that it’s very old house and quite ruined from the outside. So the people take it as a scary house. People that live in the same city, being scared from this family, avoid passing by the house as well. They are scared that something could happen to them, that someone from the house could appear and do something. In Scary Hotel Game, Henry and Ryan are aware of the whole situation so they’ve decided to use the whole situation and make a profit.

Yes, you’ve heard right. Since everyone thinks that the house is scary. They will make it even more scarier, turning it into a hotel. And a place where people that are fond of horror movies and scary things, could stay and enjoy the fear. Perhaps it might sound weird but as a matter of fact there are many people who love things like this. So the house could be very attractive and interesting place for them. Henry and Ryan will have a lot of work to do, to turn the place into a Scary Hotel so they would also need some help in their job. They call you to help them gather the needed objects that will be used later for the hotel. Let’s make the place as scary as possible. Enjoy and have fun in playing Scary Hotel Game.

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