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Stones of Avalon Stones of Avalon. Have you heard of the most famous sword in the world’ history? We believe that there is no living being that hasn’t heard the legend of the famous sword. The legend says and no one is quite sure that the young King Arthur has ejected from a stone (Sword in a stone is the second name for this object).

Maybe fifty or more movies are shot in the last century and dramatists still create different versions of the legend. It is believed that King Arthur was brave man who fought with Saxon invaders. Off course, a lot of stories concerning the person of this man have been created by people’s imagination and fantasy.

As a lot of artists have been inspired by this legend, so are we today. Roisin is daughter of the famous knight Breton. He was the main knight in the King Arthur’s order. While Roisin was a little girl, her father has told a lots of stories about the magical power of King Arthur’s sword, the most famous in the world – The Excalibur. Since child, Roisin was fascinated by the story for the magical sword and today she remembers that since little girl she has promised herself that one nice day she is going to start the pursuit for the long time lost sword.

Our player and Roisin’s best friend is going to escort her and together they are determined to find the king Arthur’s sword, a mission that long gone in centuries hasn’t been successful for a lot of adventurers. So, have a good luck in your mission, we are sure you will need it. Imagine how exciting it could be if you really have the chance to find such an object.

Stones of Avalon is a free online hidden object game on Round Games.

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