The Lost Outlander Game

The Lost OutlanderThe Lost Outlander Game: The story of the Native American is one of the cruelest that the world history remembers. They had their land, respected it, lived in the manner of the community with nature and in the philosophy of non harming anyone. And then, ‘white people’ came on board, they acted like they had the whole right to the land of Native Americans. They didn’t respect anything, not their heritage, not their culture… They were so cruel and realized on of the biggest genocides in the world history. The peaceful lifestyle and point of view inspires people even two hundred years later. With such a positive example we are giving you today in The Lost Outlander Game.

We are introducing you to young Indian boy who wants to be help people. Enyeto is a Native American (Indian) who very often helps people that were lost coming on his territory. It is the case today as well. One foreign tourist has been lost in not very known territory for the Indians. His friends call for Enyeto to help them in the pursuit of the lost friend. Now, it is a great day for you to help someone in need. Enyeto is going to be thankful! So enjoy and have fun in playing The Lost Outlander Game.

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